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Jun 22, 2022

Jeremy Trujillo

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this dealership. Let’s start with Fred, the reviews do not lie. Fred is a genuine, kind hearted, intelligent man. Not only did we get my deal done very efficiently by being able to communicate through phone calls and text messages, I made what seems like a friend. He was very helpful coming from Santa Fe after work staying late so I can test drive and purchase the vehicle. The paper work did take a little long, but that’s because we had a wonderful conversation about life and every detail of the vehicle and how to maintain it. Yes, it was used but since Fred is a BMW mechanic and enthusiast he had checked every red flag before selling the vehicle. The vehicle I purchased was a 2011 BMW X5 35i. I had been wanting this vehicle for sometime but was always scared of buying a BMW due to the classic “it’s going to be expensive to fix”. Luckily I found Fred! He made me confident in what I was buying and what made it even better was all of the research I had done prior to buying the vehicle, Fred already knew. He told me he looks for this specific model and hear since to him it is the best X5 you can buy, engine and body wise. See I did my research and I thought the same exact thing. To my luck it was a one owner vehicle that took wonderful care of the vehicle so I said F it why not. Like Fred said if you want BMW luxury you have to pay for it, he was right I love my vehicle so far! I’m planning on keeping and using it until I can’t anymore. Thanks again Fred you are an awesome man!

May 27, 2022

Bryann Halvorsen

If you are looking for genuine, honest, fun, quick service you will find it here. Fred has been a pleasure to work with and even goes above and beyond.

Feb 01, 2022

Prashanth Setty

No words or any number of stars would do justice to Fred's professionalism & helpful nature. I have been buying cars from him even after moving out to other state.

Jul 12, 2021

George Rodriguez

Bought a nice car from this place ..Fred the owner made my experience a good one ! Thank you Fred. I love the car ! 2015 Audi A6 premium plus

May 30, 2021

Heather D

Fred was great and made our car buying experience seamless and efficient. He is honest and even offered for us to return for any vehicle maintenance we would need. I highly recommend this dealership, especially if you're sick of those big dealerships toying with you for hours before making a deal! Thanks again, Fred! - Heather and Matt

Apr 22, 2021

Noel Roybal

This review is from Grant and Noel in Albuquerque. My girlfriend and I were looking for an AWD suv for a few days. After going to several dealerships we stumbled upon Fred at Specialty Motors on Lomas Blvd. We looked around his lot for a few minutes and noticed he had several of the cars we were in the market for. As soon as my girlfriend looked inside the 2011 BMW X3 her eyes grew wide. We stepped into his shop and noticed he was working on some cars and said we really liked that vehicle. Fred is someone you rarely come across in life. He is highly intelligent, personable and is very knowledgeable about each vehicle on his lot. He took us for a test drive and we were both very impressed with the condition the car was in. It ran and drove extremely well especially considering it is 10 years old. Fred has been working on cars for nearly 40 years. He answered every question we had and then offered even more knowledge about the car. It didn’t take long on the test drive and we both decided we had to get the car. Fred made sure everything went smoothly all the way through the process. I was so happy with our experience that I went back about 2 weeks later and bought another BMW 535i ! It is in excellent condition and I get compliments on it constantly. I couldn’t be happier about buying from Fred! We highly recommend Specialty Motors and couldn’t have had a better experience buying a used car. -Grant and Noel

Aug 18, 2020

William Pirtle

Buying a car from Fred was a great experience. He was not pushy at all and knew what he was talking about. I got a great deal on a Tacoma from him, it ended up needing wheel bearings, which Fred was happy to get at no cost to me. Thanks Fred for a great car buying experience. I would recommend specialty motors to any family or friends. I would buy another car from him in a heartbeat!

Jun 16, 2020

Danny Wassom

Fred is awesome! My wife and I purchased a BMW X5 from Fred. When we had an issue with the vehicle he helped us get back on the road without hesitation. Fred's customer service is Outstanding! This will not be the last vehicle we purchase from Fred. When you purchase a vehicle from Specialty Motors you also get a friend in the package! Thank you Fred!

Jun 04, 2020

Aaron Richardson

Highly recommended! I love my car from Specialty Motors. Specialty Motors is a one-man shop that has everything except a salesperson. Instead, I bought my car from a friendly BMW expert. His knowledge of the vehicles and the care with which he treats them is second to none. He made buying the car quick and easy.

Dec 29, 2019


Fred provides one of the best customer service experience I ever had. I would definitely buy my next BMW from specialty motors. He truly goes above and beyond for his customers with any vehicle problems. I will recommend to anyone that is lookin for a positive car buying experience.

Dec 25, 2019

D Sanchez

Fred was great to deal with!! Very honest and friendly!!! I got a great deal on my 2012 CRV!! I highly recommend this dealership!!

Sep 16, 2019

Jesus Banuelos Junior

Fred at Specialty Motors was very accommodating, friendly, not pushy and very-very patient with me. Wife and I bought an Audi Sq5 and he let me thoroughly inspect underneath the vehicle by putting it up on ramps, answering questions, several test drives. Needless to say is we got the low-mileage car at a great price. I would easily recommend buying a car from him.

Jul 17, 2019

Emily Jarvies

Fred is a super nice guy!! Very respectful and was super helpful when I was choosing out the car I wanted. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 11/10

Jul 04, 2019

Albert Fuentes

I don't normally write positive reviews. When I conduct business I expect fairness and customer service. When my expectations are not met I let others know where my dissatisfaction lies. When I receive good service I don't tout it up to others because I feel that should be expected of anyone. I'm just funny that way. I give Fred my highest endorsement because not only did he go above and beyond what is reasonably expected to get me a good deal in economic terms, but, he also has gone well beyond expectations serving after the deal was done and has given good service and advice with no expectation of compensation for his time and efforts. I do business with people not companies and Fred has earned my respect and my business. I will come to him first when in search of a vehicle each and every time from now on Update 2019 I can go on and on forever about Fred but there's limits to how much I can write as well as what you are willing to read. Long story short I have purchased 4 vehicles now from Fred in the last 3 years. The last 2 just recently and what an amazing deal. He know's very well how I loved my first E39 and how the 330i I replaced it with just wasn't really filling that void and nothing could other than getting that car back. He also knew how my son who inherited that car after an accident refused to let it go. I came needing an SUV and looking at an X5 and saw another 530i Msport just like my old one with only 70,000 miles on it. He said I was the first one who came to mind when he picked it up and then blew me away giving me a price that allowed me to buy both. I know he could have made twice as much on that car but he chose to give it away to me. That first deal was the best I ever made in my life and didn't think it was possible to find a better one. Fred proved me wrong and outdid himself. He's a genuine and good human being and became a good friend. He has done more for me than just good deals on great cars. He's given great advice and knowledge and always helpful in every way. He's gone out of his way to do so much for me the least I can do for him is tell my story.

Jul 02, 2019

Justine Page

If I could Give this awesome gentleman 10+ stars I would! I had my 2001 330i BMW break down on me while on a business trip and spent countless hours/days looking for a reasonably priced vehicle. I stumbled upon Specialty Motors and thought I would give them a try. Fred was AMAZINGLY HELPFUL! I was on a very tight budget and needed a car fast! I was soo blessed to not only get one of my dream cars but Fred helped me to get the car right in my budget! He was wonderful to help me in my time of need and get me out of a pretty tough situation! Now I have the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned and would HIGHLY recommend going to this awesome gentleman for the best used and maintained car you can find! Or if you need a handyman mechanic he does tremendous work on a lot of vehicles! I Love my 2007 X3 BMW and would highly suggest everyone to give him a call!

May 27, 2019

Ryan Schmitt

I had a wonderful, painless buying experience with Fred at specialty motors. He is a professional and a genuinely nice guy. I was sold by his immediately apparent knowledge and passion for BMW's. I got a fantastic car at a great price, if you are looking for an impeccable car in Abq look no further. As a regular joe who just wants a nice honest human experience I can genuinely recommend Specialty Motors and I will be buying my next car here.

Apr 02, 2019

Famos Clothing

My husband and I traveled all the way from Minnesota to pick up our 2013 BMW X5 M and the owner offered to pick us up from the airport wow we were so grateful for his honesty and help! I highly recommended anyone who is looking for a used car you will not leave disappointed.

Feb 24, 2019

John Marckstein

Fred is the best. Just a great guy.. bought a BMW from him, not one issue. Will buy from him again...

Jan 13, 2019

Dashon Morgan

Fred, the owner, is a great guy to deal with. He always has a nice selection of vehicles.

Dec 26, 2018

Albert Fuentes

This is my second review and as I stated the last time I am not an easy person to impress and don't typically write reviews touting good deals or service because that should be expected. In today's world I generally find it more necessary to expose the negative and warn people through the review forum. Fred is one of very few who impress me and worthy of me taking my time to extend my endorsement. I bought my first BMW from him and his knowledge and support gave me confidence to make the purchase. I make my own repairs on my vehicles and was leery of BMWs reputation of difficulties and expense in repairs. The purchase I made turned out to be the best deal on the best vehicle I ever owned. When I was rear ended in that vehicle and looking to buy a parts vehicle to restore it, he looked it over and advised me preventing me from making a mistake in doing something unnecessary. The issue was in the vehicle programming and didn't need $4000 in modules the insurance company claimed. He offered to do it for free even though it was damaged from an accident well after I had bought it from him. He gave me enough information that I was able to do it myself not taking advantage of his generosity. I instead made a second purchase and again he didn't steer me wrong in a great deal in a car that fits my style of living and driving as well as within my abilities to work on and maintain and modify. What makes Fred the best guy to go to in town for a car isn't just the fact he deals quality cars at a reasonable price. It's what he does after the deal is done. He goes well beyond expectation with service and support. I won't go anywhere else and I don't recommend anyone else to anyone who wants my opinion.